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TORONTO – AlertDriving, the global leader in web-based driver risk management solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of their eco-friendly driver training modules. A new three module package combines AlertDriving's global safe driving standards with proven techniques to change driver behavior and significantly reduce the fuel consumption and carbon footprint generated by fleet drivers.

“Rising fuel prices and increased awareness of the environmental effects of carbon emissions have driven the trend of adopting companywide green initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Rob Martin, Vice President, Sales. “By adopting eco-friendly driving techniques a company can minimize environmental impact, while reducing collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure for the organization.”

Comprised of three modules, the web-based training package has been strategically designed to address a driver’s attitude, pre-trip preparation and on-the-road driving behavior. The first module, entitled ‘The Fuel Efficient Eco Attitude’, targets a driver’s mindset around environmentally unfriendly behaviors such as speeding, tailgating and poor scanning. This is followed by the second module, ‘Eco Driving Trip Preparation’, promoting proper vehicle maintenance and efficient route planning. Finally, ‘Managing Emissions on the Road’ provides simple techniques for the driver to implement while behind the wheel to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions.

The three module training package is currently available in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, and will be available in 40 countries by the fall.

For a free demonstration of AlertDriving’s new eco-friendly driver training program, contact us toll-free at 1-877-867-6642, or via email at

Established in 1998, AlertDriving pioneered web-based driver risk management and has trained over 1,000,000 drivers worldwide. The company’s fully customizable, driver risk management platform, called FleetDefenseSM, has helped clients significantly reduce their collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure.

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