AlertDriving Announces Affiliation with the International Association of Privacy Professionals

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TORONTO – AlertDriving, the global leader in web-based driver risk management solutions, is pleased to announce its recent affiliation with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as a corporate member.  Founded in 2000, the association is the largest and most comprehensive privacy community in the world and provides a forum for organizations and professionals to share best practices, track trends and advance privacy management issues. 

“Our involvement in the IAPP allows us to actively monitor the evolving data privacy landscape and develop industry-leading solutions that ensure the data our customers entrust to us is highly protected,” said Omar Amlani, Vice President of IT Operations.  “In addition, we maintain comprehensive and transparent global data privacy policies and perform annual third-party security testing to validate that we’re ahead of the curve and investing in the most relevant technologies available.”

AlertDriving’s data centers are strategically located to comply with the most stringent cross-border data privacy and transfer laws, including the EU Data Protection Directive.

Established in 1998, AlertDriving pioneered web-based driver risk management and has trained over 1,000,000 drivers worldwide, providing driver safety training to more countries and in more languages than anyone in the world. The company’s fully customizable driver risk management platform, called FleetDefenseSM, has helped clients significantly reduce their collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure.

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