International News - April 2014

Anti-Social Media – When "Selfies" Become Selfish

There is a time and a place for most things - and the taking of so-called ‘selfies’ is one very important example.It can always be justified as a bit of fun, but as Barrack Obama,David Cameron and...

10 Universal Mega Trends Impacting Global Fleets

There are dramatic differences between regional fleet markets around the globe. Yet, despite these differences, there are also many similarities. Many of the challenges facing fleet managers are...

Road Rage! Calm down. There’s a New Car Safety System That Will Help You Chill

At one time or another just about everyone has been on one side or the other when it comes to road rage.  You've either ticked someone off by veering into their lane or experienced some lever...

Auto-braking Cars: Government Should Meet Motorists Halfway

A UK Government incentive for drivers buying cars with anti-crash technology would save 60 lives and result in 760 fewer serious casualties reported to the police, in just three years.  Over...

Safety Rising Up Chinese Buyers Agenda

Chinese consumers are reviewing cars safety credentials with increased fervour as they become increasingly aware of risks on the road. Although official figures show fatalities are decreasing...

Four Million Cars Have Steering Problems

More than four million drivers would be pulled off the road if their car had its own way, new research reveals.A study for Kwik Fit has shown that one in eight motorists (12%) say the steering on...

Fleets and Employers Urged to get Involved in Road Safety Week

Employers, especially those with staff who drive for work, are being urged to sign up now to be part of Road Safety Week 2014 (17-23 November), the UK’s biggest road safety event.The charity Brake...

Pothole "Crisis" Prompts More Frequent Tyre Checks

TyreSafe is urging drivers to make more regular checks for damage to their tyres and wheels, despite an extra £200million being pledged in the budget to help fix potholes and damaged roads.The...

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