International News - September 2016

End of the road for Australia's open speed limit

A remote highway in Australia's dusty red centre is currently the only part of country where you can legally drive as fast as you want.

But that is likely to end this year.

The local...

Self-driving cars hit European speed bump

Every auto company you’ve ever heard of is making a driverless car, and the EU still doesn’t know how to react.

France says it's OK to warn drivers about speed cameras

The Cour de Cassation in Paris, France's highest appeals court, has ruled that it's OK to warn other drivers about speed cameras.

The ruling comes after a Facebook group made headlines in...

European road safety campaign to launch Day Without a Road Death project

Road safety campaigners are counting down to the first European Day Without A Road Death next month.

The day, on Wednesday September 21, has been created as part of Project Edward, and is...

Latest FTA guide for company car drivers published

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has published a brand-new edition of its Company Car Drivers’ Handbook, containing information to help drivers remain safe and legal in an easy-to-read...

Self-drive taxis to be tested in Singapore

Singapore is gearing up to become the world's first "smart nation", with another deal to bring self-drive taxis to the city.

The city authorities signed a deal with start-up nuTonomy to...

UK dangerous driving laws to get tougher, hints PM

The UK Justice Department is looking to overhaul dangerous driving laws amid concerns existing penalties are too lenient.

New, harsher penalties for dangerous drivers could soon be brought...

China jaywalkers given instant road safety lesson

A city in eastern China is teaching jaywalkers a lesson about road safety by setting up makeshift classrooms near major intersections.

Anyone caught dodging the traffic in Xuzhou, Jiangsu...

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