International News - June 2015

China to its reckless drivers: Rein in your road rage

Beijing (CNN) - On the sprawling ground of Beijing Gongjiao Driving School, hundreds of white Volkswagen sedans crawled at a snail's pace as students behind the wheels practiced...

Road casualty rates 'vary in UK'

Progress in cutting road casualty rates has varied dramatically across the UK, according to an analysis of accident figures.

The reduction in the number of people killed or seriously...

UK ranked seventh most expensive place to buy fuel

Norway is the most expensive place in the world to buy petrol, while the UK is ranked seventh, according to new analysis from Santander.

Petrol prices in Norway currently average 152 pence...

Driver fatigue

One of the most frequently raised issues by freight operators to the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Member Advice Centre (MAC) is how to advise drivers to cope with tiredness. Eamonn...

Aggressive driving: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The short novel The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde focused on the duality of human nature.

The story says humans are not born neither good nor bad...

UN: India's scope is high on improving road safety drastically

LEIPZIG: India shocks the world when it comes to about three lakh road deaths a year which is higher than any continent alone. President of International Automobile Federation and UN Special Envoy...

Driving to the wrong music can kill, says professor

We all know music that lifts us to ecstasies, irritates us, or even inspires us to violence. And if you're listening to the wrong music while driving, it can be deadly, suggests Prof. Warren...

Fleets urged to refresh risk management policies as licence counterpart is abolished

The fleet driving licence checking and compliance company says that switching to all-online licence checking should encourage fleets to similarly refresh related HR policies. This will ensure that...

AlertDriving’s 8th Annual ASSE Party Proves To Be Largest Ever

(TORONTO)—Texas-style BBQ and live music drew a record crowd to AlertDriving’s Annual ASSE Party, held on June 8th at Dallas’ House of Blues. The party was the largest ever in its 8-year history;...

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