International News - June 2014

Northern Island Doesn't Mess Around with Its Road Safety Adverts

Northern Ireland's DOE Road Safety has launched an advert so brutal it has been banned from being shown on TV before 9pm.More closely resembling something like Sharknado than a traditional road...

Aviva says deliberate ‘crash for cash’ road traffic accidents up 51%

Fraudulent ‘slam-ons’ – road traffic accidents deliberately caused in order to claim for whiplash compensation – increased by 51% in 2013, according to claims fraud data from Aviva.These induced...

Drivers to face £10k fine for speeding on motorways

Drivers who speed on motorways could be forced to pay up to £10,000 under new maximum fines that could be made available to magistrates.Announced by Justice Minister Jeremy Wright, the proposed...

Going Global: One step at a time

The quest to optimise fleet programmes is increasingly procurement led and globally focused, according to a survey of multi-national fleet buyers.The findings from the Global Fleet Survey,...

Fatal road accidents count getting higher by the day

BANGALORE: About 16 people die and 58 are injured every hour in India due to road accidents — the death rate, in fact, is equivalent to wiping out about 40 per cent of the population of a small...

Kids and Traffic: Looking without Seeing

Getting hit by a car is among the leading causes of death for kids 5- to 9-years-old. It’s not hard to speculate why. Children are easily distracted, and because they’re smaller, they’re more at...

Lack of control on grey fleets is ‘frightening’

Fleet managers are being advised to tighten controls on the grey fleet after a number of reviews by the Energy Saving Trust found drivers have used cars that are more than 70 years old for...

Only 45 Percent of Vehicles in Saudi Arabia are Insured

Only 45 percent of vehicles on Saudi Arabia's roads are insured, according to a report by Arab News.An official with the Najm Company, which deals with road accident cases in the country on behalf...

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