International News - March 2016

Petrol v diesel: Small capacity, big future?

Diesel, so long the dominant force in the fleet sector, is a fuel under fire. Last year, worsening air quality in UK cities led environmentalists to point the finger of blame at diesel transport,...

Drink drive limit could be cut by third, ministers say

The drink-driving limit in England and Wales may be lowered to make it illegal to drive after one pint of lager or a small glass of wine, the Goverment has indicated.

Ministers said they...

UK drivers spend 30 hours on average in congestion

Drivers in London wasted more than 100 hours in gridlock last year, contributing to a UK average of 30 hours spent in delays.

INRIX has published its 2015 Traffic Scorecard, which analysed...

Motorists urged to change driving attitudes

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters says there is an urgent need to enact stringent laws, and for motorists to shift their attitude if South Africa is to successfully deal with its current high road...

Hi-tech camera on Dubai roads that catches 8 types of offences: Police

Dubai Police have developed an advanced multi-purpose road camera that can detect eight offences at the same time, including hard shoulder violators, speedsters and failure to use the seat belt...

Over 44,000 speed offences in Dubai during rain

Motorists committed nearly 44,500 speed offences in just three days of the rain storm that hit Dubai last week, an average of more than 14,000 offences a day.

The average is far higher than...

When can fleet managers expect the next automotive revolution?

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 11:12am — Smartfleet
Any business that depends on a fleet of vehicles will understand the varying expenses involved and how these will evolve over the coming years.


Driverless cars to be tested on UK motorways from 2017

Plans to allow driverless cars to be tested on UK motorways from next year are to be announced by the Chancellor in this week’s Budget.

Speaking to the Commons, Mr Osborne said: “At a time...

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