International News - September 2015

Outsourcing could save companies 10% of their fleet costs

Companies could save up to 10% of their total cost of ownership (TCO) by outsourcing the management of their fleet, but the majority of the savings do not come from replacing fleet personnel....

ABS, ESP can help reduce road accidents: Study

CHENNAI: Can cutting edge safety technology like ABS and ESP improve India's abysmal road accident record? It seems they can can, if a latest study by Bosch is anything to go by.


Lorries driving into London told not to make any left turns to make roads safer

Construction lorries driving into London will be made to travel routes that minimise the number of left turns they take to...

OPEC wants a 'fair price' for fuel after record low

A new 12-month oil low of $41.87 in the last week of August helped to bring the average price of petrol down by 4p a litre for the month to 112.42p, according to the latest RAC Fuel Watch data....

Fleet registrations up 11.8% in August as UK new car market continues to soar

Registrations within the fleet, business and private sectors rose again in August as the industry recorded its 42 consecutive month of growth.

Despite historically being one of the year’s...

Check your eyesight, urges road safety charity

One and a half million drivers on the UK's roads have never had their eyesight checked, according to a new study, and a quarter admit to not having had an eye test in the previous two years.

Waking Up to Dangers of Drowsy Driving

We need to wake up to the fact that sleep is a vital component to safe driving, says psychological scientist Frank McKenna of the University of Reading.

The link between sleep and driving...

Turn M1 and M2 hard shoulders into traffic lanes to ease congestion, says report

Hard shoulders on parts of motorways should be turned into carriageways to ease traffic congestion, a report on Northern Ireland's roads has said.

Consultants estimate the project could...

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