International News - November 2014

Half of employees speed whilst driving at work

Just under half (48%) of Brits who drive for their job admit to speeding whilst at work, with a quarter of those saying they’re more likely to speed in a vehicle provided by their employer than...

Volvo the Most Sustainable Company in the Automotive Sector in Brazil

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Volvo Group’s (sto:VOLVA)(sto:VOLVB) long-term commitment to sustainability in Brazil is paying off. Volvo stood out among 200 participating companies in the areas of energy...

Navigating Familiar Roads May Lead to Driving on “Autopilot”

For years, data on car accidents has consistently shown that drivers are most likely to crash at locations very near their homes. At first glance it might seem like this phenomenon occurs because...

Judges express concern over drunk driving in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over "increasing instances of drunk driving and fatal accidents" in Delhi, a trial court has observed that roads in the capital have become one of the most dangerous...

Men twice as likely to get caught speeding as women

Men are twice as likely as women to have speeding points on their driving licence, it has emerged.

One man in fifteen has points on his driving licence, whereas only one in thirty women...

Grieving sister backs road safety campaign after Leeds drivers are shamed as worst in Yorkshire

A GRIEVING sister whose family was “torn apart” when her brother was killed by a speeding driver has urged drivers to act responsibly, as the scale of motorists who flout traffic laws is laid bare...

Drivesafe calls for fleets to tackle 10% rise in cyclist accidents

DriveSafe is calling on all road users to be mindful of cyclists, following a 10% rise in the number of cyclists killed or injured on the roads in the past year.

The Birmingham-based road...

5 Things Effective Driver Safety Programs Do — And Do Well

The first step to eliminating workplace hazards is recognizing them. For environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals, safety interventions are more straightforward in production facilities...

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