International News - May 2015

New Government urged to deal with safety issues

The Conservatives have reappointed Patrick McLoughlin to secretary of state for transport after securing a majority in the election.

McLoughlin replaced Justine Greening in September 2012...

Real-Time Data May Be the Best Backseat Driver

New technology is allowing auto insurers to offer insurance models that can use an individual’s real-time driving behavior rather than actuarial tables to help determine their insurance costs....

Google acknowledges its self-driving cars had 11 minor accidents

Google Inc revealed Monday that its self-driving cars had been in 11 minor traffic accidents since it began experimenting with the technology six years ago.

The company released the number...

6 steps to better Risk Management

Seek expert advice
Being ignorant of duty of care laws is unacceptable in today’s corporate climate, where information is readily available and hundreds of risk management...

"Texters" enrage fellow drivers most...on list of most deplorable driver behaviors

BELLEVUE, WASH. - released the results of the Expedia 2015 Road Rage Report, a yearly analysis of driving etiquette. The study was commissioned by...

Not drinking enough water has same effect as drink driving

Having as few as five sips of water an hour while driving is equivalent to being over the drink drive limit.

Drivers make more than twice as many mistakes when they are just mildly...

Bad news guys, women are really better drivers says study

Female drivers outscored males not only in in-car tests but also when observed anonymously using one of the UK's busiest junctions - Hyde Park Corner.

But another part of the survey - from...

18 per cent of traffic accidents due to run-overs

Run-over mishaps accounted for 18 per cent of total traffic accident in Abu Dhabi in 2014, according to statistics released by theTraffic and Patrols Directorate (TPD) at Abu Dhabi Police.


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