International News - May 2016

Dubai Ruler: A quarter of journeys driverless by 2030

DUBAI // Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, wants driverless transport to account for 25 per cent of journeys in the emirate by 2030.

The announcement was made...

Motorists want to retain right to drive ahead of autonomous future

Almost two-thirds (65%) of motorists want to retain the right to drive even though driverless cars are coming, two new pieces of research released today have shown.

IAM RoadSmart – formerly...

Car safety concern for Latin America

Vehicle safety in Latin America and the Caribbean nations has come into the spotlight. Research shows a high level of deaths and injuries from car crashes in these regions. Worryingly, there is...

57% of drivers say they feel “in control” using mobile phones while driving

The majority (57%) of drivers say they feel just as “in control as normal” when using their mobile phones, despite the fact that behind-the-wheel distractions accounting for 6% of all fatal...

Safe and sound: The developments in active noise cancelling technology

Active noise cancelling technology has the potential to make driving quieter, but also safer and more efficient, Chris Pickering reports.

Active noise cancellation is the latest tool in the...

Mobile speed cameras now set to catch you if you're on phone or not wearing a seatbelt

Their aim is to monitor the speed of passing cars.

But mobile...

Satnav threatens sense of direction

Basic navigation skills are under threat because of our increasing dependence on satnav technology, a leading expert has claimed.

Satellite communication consultant Roger McKinlay, former...

Concern over decline in Europe's road safety

An increase in road fatalities and serious injuries has been recorded for 2015. This has become clear following the publication of the European Commission’s 2015 provisional road safety figures....

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