North America News - June 2016

NYC Bans Hands-Free Phone Use in Fleet

New York City has banned the use of hands-free phone devices by city fleet drivers, except for emergency responders.

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) concluded that...

U.S. Wants Safety ‘Two Times Better’ for Autonomous Cars

Self-driving cars must increase safety at least twofold to make a real dent in the 38,000 lives lost on American roads last year, the U.S. auto-safety chief said as the federal government prepares...

Fatal Road Crashes Involving Marijuana Double After State Legalizes Drug

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 10, 2016) – Fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana doubled in Washington after the state legalized the drug, according to the latest research by the AAA...

Want to boost your fuel economy? Stop turning left

A great thing happens on the way to better fuel economy: You get increased safety, you optimize your time and you are gentler on the environment. Listen to the engineers — all the engineers. There...

Vehicles Crashed Into 39% of Contractor Work Zones

Almost two of five contractors reported a vehicle crashing into their work zone in the past year, according to a new survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America.


California Bill Requires Ignition Locks for Drunk Drivers

The California Senate has unanimously approved new legislation that would require ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders in the state.

Currently in the state, ignition...

Should Fleets Worry About Vehicle Hacking?

This scene sounds like it could come out of a Hollywood thriller: A police officer driving his car suddenly loses control. It’s been taken over by a hacker, who has control of the steering wheel,...

Windshield Devices Bring Distracted Driving Debate to Eye Level

In a widely watched YouTube video, a man is driving around Los Angeles when his phone rings. On a small screen mounted on...

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