North America News - June 2015

How Ridesharing Companies Could Improve Experience For Drivers, Passengers, And Even Offset Liability

Last week, Uber Technologies Inc. appealed a California ruling which found that an Uber driver—suing to recover $4,000 in expenses—was in fact an employee and not a contractor. The June 3 decision...

When Google Self-Driving Cars Are in Accidents, Humans Are to Blame

The autonomous vehicles have been in a dozen crashes since 2009, but haven’t caused any of them, the company says in a new report.

In August 2011, on one of the main roads that runs through...

GM Adds Over 243,000 Cars to Takata Air Bag Recall

DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors is adding more than 243,000 compact hatchbacks in the U.S. and Canada to the growing recall for air bags that can explode with too much force.

The company...

Vehicle Direction, Not Driver Biometrics, Best Way to Detect Drowsiness

Research recently completed at Clemson University sought to determine the most effective way to detect a driver’s sleepiness. Many previous studies have focused on measuring psychophysiological...

My Way on the Highway

Here’s a scenario that should be familiar: You’re driving along on the highway. Suddenly, without signaling, a massive SUV comes barreling into your lane from the right, forcing you to jam on the...

Survey shows drivers are doing more than just texting on the road

PADUCAH, KY - It may not be illegal to use your phone at a stoplight, but it definitely can be distracting. AT&T released a survey this week showing 7 in 10 drivers are using their phone...

Obama administration publishes Phase II of GHG plan

The long-awaited next phase of the federal government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by setting fuel efficiency standards for commercial vehicles was released Friday.

Could the new Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) save 10,000 lives?

The American government has been advising its citizens not to drink and drive for decades, but for the first time, it may be able to physically stop you from getting behind the wheel while...

AlertDriving’s 8th Annual ASSE Party Proves To Be Largest Ever

(TORONTO)—Texas-style BBQ and live music drew a record crowd to AlertDriving’s Annual ASSE Party, held on June 8th at Dallas’ House of Blues. The party was the largest ever in its 8-year history;...

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