North America News - February 2015

Facing High Accident Rates? 3 Reasons You Need Proactive, Behavior-Based Training To Identify Fleet Risk

Fatal Large-Truck Accidents—Equivalent to an Airplane Crash Every Other Week

Today, 10 people will be killed in large-truck accidents across the United States. Two of them...

Risk of death doesn’t seem to faze today's drivers

If the latest research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is to be believed, the higher chance of death or injury while piloting motor vehicles isn’t preventing today’s drivers from...

Hit-and-run drivers not uncommon, but not well understood

Over the past eight days, three people died and another was injured in three hit-and-run accidents in the Baltimore region. Police are still seeking the drivers in all three incidents.


Senior drivers among the safest on the road, but most likely to die in car crash

Despite stereotypes to the contrary, drivers 65 and older are among the safest drivers on the road. They are more likely to wear seat belts and less likely to drink or text while diving compared...

Arizona's Speeders Could Get Much Cheaper Tickets

Arizona lawmakers are currently considering a proposal that would significantly lower the price of a speeding ticket for some speeders.

The proposal, House Bill 2662, would expand the use...

TMC panels offer advice for fleet sustainability strategies

The challenges and opportunities afforded by implementing “green” fleet strategies were addressed in several technician sessions at the 2015 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual...

Cars Without Drivers? Not Likely, Study Finds

Our cars reflect our personalities: we pick the color, the model and the functionality that we desire, whether it’s a vehicle designed for speed or to safely shuttle a family to school and sports...

Safety groups want NHTSA to mandate anti-collision systems

Four interest groups are requesting a rulemaking initiative from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to mandate anti-collision technology on all trucks and buses with a...

Driving in Rain, Sleet, or Snow? Cognitive Biases Worsen Winter Driving

This winter much of the United States has been battered by snowstorms and record freezing temperatures. But snowflakes and black ice aren’t the only things making winter roads dangerous — it’s...

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