North America News - May 2015

3 Questions About Driver Risk Every Fleet Professional Should Ask Themselves

For the most part, global managers defer to local administrators to ensure safety amid the careful nuances of foreign traffic laws and cultural practices. While the alternative is akin to walking...

NHTSA Aims To Speed Implementation Of Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

Today's cars are, without a doubt, safer than they've ever been. But with ever-increasing congestion—along with seemingly infinite distractions—the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

Safe Communities joins NHTSA to prevent motorcycle crashes

Brown County Safe Communities would like to remind motorists and motorcyclists alike during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to “share the road” in order to help prevent motorcycle crashes,...

Negative Emotional Cues Send Drivers to Distraction

Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. In 2013 alone, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, according to the U.S....

Will the Apple Watch make distracted driving worse?

There is no doubt the Apple Watch does many cool things and over time, consumers may find even more uses for it.

But people who worry about distracted driving now have a new concern – that...

Google's Self-Driving Cars Ready to Hit the Road — Slowly

The latest version of Google’s self-driving car — a pod-like two-seater that needs no gas pedal or steering wheel — will make its debut on public roads this summer, a significant step in the...

Digging deeper into drivers' pet peeves, habits behind the wheel

If you spend any time behind the wheel of a car, you probably know them well—those drivers who clog up your favorite roads, staring down into their Smartphones all the while. With Memorial Day...

U.S. House Republicans push two-month extension for transport projects

Republicans in the U.S. Congress, unable to reach agreement on a long-term transportation funding bill in time for a May 31 deadline, on Friday introduced legislation for a two-month extension to...

Special Report: Is South Carolina's aging school bus fleet safe?

Most people drive cars less than 15 years old, but many of the state's children are riding in school buses made more than 30 years ago.

More than 5,000 school buses hit the road every day...

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