North America News - November 2014

Why People Text And Drive Even When They Know It’s Dangerous

75% of drivers surveyed admit to texting while driving

Get ready for winter driving

Winter driving, especially after a snow or ice storm, can be treacherous.

Roads can turn into ice rinks, leading to crashes, lengthy traffic jams and white-knuckle driving.


Volkswagen Recalls 400 Cars, and N.H.T.S.A. Investigates Honda and Infiniti

Volkswagen is recalling about 400 Jettas and Passats from the 2015 model year because the front seat backs may move unexpectedly, startling the driver and potentially causing a crash,...

When It Comes To Driving, Most People Think Their Skills are Above Average

If you ask someone to rate their driving skills on a one to 10 scale, there’s a good chance they’ll give themselves an above-average rating like a 7.

Psychological scientists Michael M. Roy...

Study: Drowsy driving more of a threat than previously believed

Many Americans are asleep at the wheel. And not just metaphorically these days.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety warns that more accidents than previously believed are caused by people...

Thanksgiving Week Brings Driving Dangers, According to UA Study

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Automobile crashes caused by deer, alcohol and bad weather are more common during the week of Thanksgiving than the rest of the year, according to a recent study of traffic data...

5 Things Effective Driver Safety Programs Do — And Do Well

The first step to eliminating workplace hazards is recognizing them. For environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals, safety interventions are more straightforward in production facilities...

Northeastern cities have the most car accidents

It's something most of us do every day, yet it remains the most hazardous and potentially deadly thing we do: Driving our car.

Amazingly, there is roughly one motor vehicle accident every...

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