North America News - August 2016

FMCSA seeks ‘doable’ crash preventability assessment

Faced with persistent pressure from truckers—and a recent nudge from Congress—the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is set to launch its latest...

Truck operators need to 'take ownership of compliance', says commissioner

The London and South East Traffic Commissioner has called on restricted operators to “take ownership of compliance” after revoking an operating licence for widespread failings.

Nick Denton...

Truck-related deaths rose 4% in 2015

Fatalities in crashes involving large trucks increased by 4 percent in 2015, according to preliminary data just released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Overall, motor...

A Fatality Forces Tesla to Confront Its Limits

DETROIT — As the co-founder and chief executive of Tesla Motors, the technology billionaire Elon Musk has consistently portrayed his company’s electric cars as cleaner, safer and more innovative...

Nearly 80 Percent of Drivers Express Significant Anger, Aggression or Road Rage

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 14, 2016)- Nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger, aggression or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the past year, according to a new study...

Despite Vehicle Advances, Break Downs at Record High

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 20, 2016) – Despite advances in vehicle technology, including maintenance reminders and other dashboard alerts designed to mitigate roadside trouble, AAA rescued a record-...

Game Over for Drivers Playing Pokemon Go

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 14, 2016) – AAA is urging drivers not to use Pokemon Go behind the wheel because it could lead to potentially deadly consequences. This week’s crashes involving the game...

U.S. Lags Behind in Road Death Reductions

About 90 people die each day from motor vehicle crashes in the U.S., resulting in the highest death rate among 19 high-income countries used for comparison, according to a new report released by...

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