North America News - May 2016

Texting and Driving? Watch Out for the Textalyzer

Over the last seven years, most states have banned texting by drivers, and public service campaigns have tried an array of tactics — “It can wait” among them — to persuade people to put down their...

Robot Cars Complain About Humans’ Poor Roads, Lane Markings, Signage

Volvo’s North American CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, lost his cool as the automaker’s semi-autonomous prototype sporadically refused to drive itself during a press event at the Los Angeles Auto Show....

Drivers Still Multitasking Behind the Wheel

The majority of drivers (61%) continue to multi-task from behind the wheel, even though nearly every U.S. state and Washington D.C. has laws prohibiting the use of mobile phones while driving,...

Reuters Special Report: How Google Is Winning Acceptance of Driverless Vehicles

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Plaza in Austin, Texas is a strip mall with a pet-accessories store, a Thai restaurant and a yogurt shop, an unlikely venue to display the high-tech future.


As States Raise Speed Limits, Road Deaths Rise, Report Finds

TUESDAY, April 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Increasing speed limits may be to blame for an increase in road deaths on America's highways and byways, a new study suggests.

Over the past 20...

Why Is It So Hard To Test Whether Drivers Are Stoned?

Law enforcement officials would love to have a clear way to tell when a driver is too drugged to drive. But the decades of experience the country has in setting limits for alcohol have turned out...

Driving Costs Hit Six-Year Low, Finds AAA

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 7, 2016) – Due to falling gas prices, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle in the United States has fallen to a six-year low of $8,558 according to AAA’s 2016 Your...

Underreported: Drivers not seeking help for mental health issues

Many truck drivers suffer from mental health issues but are reluctant to seek help, often because they fear losing their jobs.

"Men don’t seek care, especially mental health care, as...

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