North America News - February 2016

2016 Ushers in New Traffic Laws

This month has seen thousands of new state laws go into effect, including a driver earbud ban in California, a new gasoline-pumping rule in Oregon, and DUI law reforms in Illinois.

Here are...

Drivers' Smartphones Continue to Fuel Distraction

In the past seven years, the percentage of people accessing the Internet while driving has more than doubled, jumping from 13 percent in 2009 to 29 percent in 2015, according to an annual State...

Automatic braking reduces rear-end crashes, IIHS study finds

WASHINGTON -- Automatic braking systems were shown in...

Wearables in trucking

Wearable technologies—or more simply “wearables,” the new word that’s emerged to reference them—carry the promise of the next level in technological advancement, bridging the gap between humans...

Autonomous vehicles: What fleets want

While the public and the trucking industry continue to debate the viability of autonomous vehicles (AVs), fleet executives are clearly anticipating their arrival. A recent survey conducted by the...

Bosch's Smart Gas Pedal Lowers Fuel Consumption

Bosch has developed the active gas pedal that notifies the driver when to lighten pressure on the pedal, promotes lowered fuel consumption, and issues warnings to drivers when they are speeding...

New research shows trucker time off pays off

That drivers want and increasingly expect home time is not news, but new data indicates there’s a bottom-line payoff both for the carriers that provide a little extra time off and for the truckers...

NHTSA's Rosekind steps up call for proactive safety culture

DETROIT -- After another year of massive recalls and record fines imposed on automakers, Mark Rosekind doubled down on his push for the auto industry to take up a more proactive approach to...

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