North America News - April 2015

Does Improved Driving Skill Reduce Accident Risk? According To Researchers, Not Really

In a study cited by the International Road Federation (IRF), collision rates among ambulance drivers rose—by an astounding 45%—after they finished their training.


NHTSA probes Nissan recall of 989,000 vehicles

Washington — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Sunday it is opening an investigation into whether Nissan Motor Co.’s recall of nearly 1 million vehicles for air bag...

What will win the Final Four of bad N.J. driver behavior?

You might not find speeding, tailgating or texting on a sports fan's bracket, but they went head-to-head in the world of New Jersey drivers.

And motorists get a chance next week to vote for...

Progressive insurer has aggressive driver surcharge

For years, insurance companies have said their voluntary driver-monitoring programs rewarded good driving but didn’t penalize bad motoring skills.

Now, Progressive says it will impose a...

TDOT hopes to make roads safer with wrong-way driving study

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – What caused a Nashville woman to drive the wrong way down Interstate 65 last Thursday morning?

Brentwood police have yet to interview Sandra Sharp so they don’t...

Study: Sobriety devices could halt drunk driving

The solution for preventing a great majority of drunk driving deaths might be right around the corner, according to a new study in the...

New Study Reveals Who’s Most Guilty Of Texting While Driving

A new study shows who is the most guilty of texting behind the wheel.

Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health...

Changes Ahead for Entry-Level Driver Training

What's more important for turning entry-level drivers into professional drivers: logging hours behind the wheel or performance-based training?

The Most Reckless Driver Distractions Ever

It’s well documented that distracted driving is now a factor in slightly over half of all traffic accidents in the U.S. The usual culprits here are cell phone calling and texting, but motoring...

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