North America News - January 2015

ThinkFirst: Make safety a top resolution in 2015

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are — no surprise here — losing weight, getting organized, spending less.

But ultimately the most important ones could involve your personal safety...

Congress Wants To Let Truck Drivers Stay On The Road Longer

The spending bill put forth by members of Congress late Tuesday would shelve new safety requirements imposed last year on the country's truck drivers.

The rider in the so-called cromnibus...

NHTSA's Rosekind: Expect more not fewer recalls

The government's new chief highway safety regulator predicted that there will be more recalls in the future despite a record surge in recalls in 2014.

"We could actually see an increase in...

Self-driving truck: Addressing liability

If an autonomous or driverless vehicle is involved in a crash, who—or perhaps more precisely what—is held liable? Fleet managers will have many a sleepless night trying to come up with an answer...

Middle-Aged Worse at Texting While Driving: Study

The risky mix of texting and driving may be more problematic for middle-aged drivers than it is for younger drivers, according to new research.

However, that doesn't mean texting and...

Are ‘Touch’ Warnings the Future of Driver Safety?

Until we all start riding around in Google’s self-driving cars, or getting ourselves delivered by Amazon’s drones, accident-avoidance systems will loom as the ultimate in vehicle-safety technology...

Will Missouri become the next state to increase top highway speeds?

Steve Bruns drives a lot — whether long commutes, monthly drives to Urbana, Ill., or a periodic trip to Houston to visit family.

Bruns, of St. Charles, says he’s a “big fan” of the rural...

Racing video games may influence later behavior

Playing an intense racing game makes players more likely to take risks like speeding, passing on the wrong side, running red lights or using a cell phone in a simulated driving task shortly...

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