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TORONTO – AlertDriving, the global leader in web-based driver risk management solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of Mobile Defensive Driver Training. This exciting new platform will be formally unveiled at this year’s NSC Congress & Expo, taking place October 30 to November 4 in Philadelphia, PA.

“Mobile accessibility is an aspect of our platform that has been on our drawing board for a number of years,” said Matt Latreille, Vice President of Global Content & Innovation. “Now that the market has caught up to us, we’ve become the first in our industry to offer this technological advancement,” he continued. “Today’s workforce is mobile, so in order to truly meet the needs of our clients, this development was a necessity.”

As a value added service, Mobile Defensive Driver Training will be available to all clients and drivers. AlertDriving’s advanced device detection optimizes the display, format and bandwidth, delivering the highest quality user experience. Drivers can now conveniently access their Defensive Driver Training modules on the go.

“This innovation allows drivers to access training when they want, where they want and will help dramatically reduce collisions and liability exposure by allowing for increased accessibility and convenience, resulting in improved productivity and better results for our clients.” said Rob Martin, Vice President, Sales.

Available in the United States and Canada on tablets and smartphones, including Apple, Blackberry & Android devices, Mobile Defensive Driver Training will be launched out to the rest of the world throughout the remainder of 2011 and 2012.

AlertDriving’s latest innovation will be officially launched at this year’s NSC Congress & Expo on October 30to November 4 in Philadelphia, PA and represents another milestone for the company as it continues to be the standard for technological advances in the driver risk management industry.

For more information on how to access Mobile Defensive Driver Training modules simply go to, on your tablet or smartphone.

Established in 1998, AlertDriving pioneered web-based driver risk management and has trained over 1,000,000 drivers worldwide, providing driver safety training to more countries and in more languages than anyone in the world. The company’s fully customizable, driver risk management platform, called FleetDefenseSM, has helped clients significantly reduce their collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure.

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