International News - October 2012

AlertDriving Announced the Launch of Their New Motorized Two Wheeler Training at the NSC Congress & Expo

TORONTO – AlertDriving was pleased to announce the launch of their global Motorized Two Wheeler training at the NSC Congress & Expo in Orlando (...

South Africa: Road Safety in the Spotlight

Johannesburg — African countries need to tighten their road traffic enforcement laws or risk losing more lives in avoidable road crashes.This was one of the issues that emerged at the two-day road...

Innovative Bridgestone TPMS Improves Fleet Uptime and Fuel Consumption

Bridgestone is rolling out an innovative TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) across Europe in order to provide a more thorough pressure maintenance service to contract fleet customers. With...

Nissan to Debut New Accident-Prevention Technology This Year

YOKOHAMA--Nissan Motor Co. on Oct. 12 announced the development of a new technology that can reduce accidents caused when drivers mistakenly depresses the accelerator instead of the brake pedal....

Gulf Traffic Conference in Abu Dhabi Turns Spotlight on Road Safety

Abu Dhabi's Decade of Action on Road Safety is moving well ahead of its original targets, an expert has said, with an 18% drop in fatal road accidents in the last three years resulting in economic...

Motorists Wasting £7 Billion a Year with Poor Driving

A study has found inefficient driving is costing motorists in England close to £7 billion a year in unnecessary fuel.The research by the Energy Savings Trust found drivers could save around £270...

Green Fleet Roundup: Renault, DHL France, Coda, Ford, Waste Management

Renault has announced it will supply DHL France with a fleet of electric vehicles by 2015, as part of DHL’s GoGreen Program, which aims to reduce carbon emissions 30 percent by 2020. A total 50...

More Drivers Caught Using Drugs as Roadside Tests to Rise

IRELAND--GROWING numbers of motorists are driving under the influence of cannabis and other illegal drugs, a new report reveals.Authorities are planning to roll out a medical device similar to the...

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