Company Vehicle Policy Testing for Business Fleets

In court, a signature may not prove drivers actually understood your organization's vehicle safety policy

Company Vehicle Policy Testing for Business Fleets

Don't wait to implement the necessary steps to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities—act now to help drivers better understand what is expected of them.

AlertDriving can cut a portion of your business fleet’s liability with one of the easiest, most inexpensive risk mitigation tools in the industry. Company Vehicle Policy Testing easily converts vehicle safety policies into a custom training module, ultimately to help you:

  • Protect your fleet against Negligent Entrustment and Corporate Manslaughter claims around the world
  • Reinforce key concepts by challenging employees without frustrating them
  • Accommodate policy changes or provide additional liability protection through custom “pass” rates you can set yourself

You can use FleetDefenseSM at any time to generate management summaries on an employee's performance. Implementing mandatory policy testing is one of the simplest ways to train drivers on your business fleet's safety policies and procedures.