Monitor Driver Risk From Your Company’s Learning Management System

Driver Training That Delivers Consistent Risk Reporting—All Via Your Company's LMS

Enterprise-Class Business Fleets Need Global Data to Manage Driver Risk

FleetDefenseSM features built-in metrics designed for businesses with global fleets. Learn how our centrally managed, single-source training tool integrates with all major Learning Management Systems, such as SAP, Oracle, SumTotal, Saba and Cornerstone.


Consolidate Training Data In One Spot To Manage Your Entire Driver Database.


Since AlertDriving training complies with AICC and SCORM standards, you can launch courses without adding costly third-party software or new user accounts to your LMS. Our advanced, secure integrations will let you deploy the right content to the right driver, at the right time, all with one single sign-on.

Integrated User Experience. Working seamlessly within your learning ecosystem, our courseware builds on employees’ familiarity with your LMS, ultimately improving compliance.

Automated Training Assignments. Let technology handle the automatic assignment of training to your drivers without the administrative burden.

Scalable Global Data—Right At Your Fingertips. With Dual Reporting, you can filter data down to the driver level whether using our monitoring suite or key benchmarks you set via the LMS.

One Simple Sign-On For Drivers of Every Type. Spend less time managing user passwords. Trainees all access our training the same way—with a single login from your organization's LMS.

A Program That Manages Itself. Since our content resides on Akamai’s massively distributed server network, automatic updates are immediately available through your LMS.