Save On Fleet Costs—Train Your Drivers To Be Fuel Efficient

Calculate How Much Your Fleet Can Save By Training Drivers To Be Fuel Efficient

UP TO 87% OF THE ENERGY PRODUCED BY FUEL NEVER REACHES THE TIRES. Start finding creative ways to improve mileage in your fleet. Train your drivers to save more on a full tank.

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Looking For A Low-Cost Alternative To Improve Your Fleet's Gas Mileage?

Choose from over 100 Languages to Register Your Drivers in Our Fuel Efficient Eco Training.

  • Every driver can assign the training to a family member—free of charge
  • All modules take under 20 minutes to complete
  • All modules use real-life video footage, which drivers prefer over cartoon-like, computer animation
  • All modules come with full translation support, local content and footage
  • Clients routinely see a 30% reduction in collisions, coupled with a reduction in the severity of their collisions
  • Custom training modules can be developed quickly and cost effectively
  • The system automatically corresponds via email with trainees, reminding them of upcoming modules—significantly improving compliance and results

Teaching drivers to reduce their carbon footprint can be simple. Whether you right-size your fleet or use vehicles you already own, this standardized, centrally managed program explains how to create fuel-saving opportunities with simple safe driving techniques. Once registered, drivers will explore:

How driving safely and defensively can conserve fuel, such as maintaining a safe following distance to brake gradually, or managing speed and space to avoid unnecessary braking and accelerating.

Why needless accelerating and braking wastes gas and leads to harmful vehicle emissions, and how to increase fuel economy by adjusting driving habits.

How every driver can impact a fleet’s emissions simply by choosing the safest, most fuel-efficient route to avoid traffic, and by conducting regular vehicle and tire maintenance.

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