Guaranteed Driver Data Protection and Security

FleetDefenseSM Strictly Complies With Data Privacy Legislation Around The Globe—All With A Simple, Quick Login.

No Other Training Vendor Will Do More To Protect Your Drivers' Personal Information

Secured Data In Transit and At Rest. FleetDefenseSM secures data in transit using 256-bit SSL—one level higher than most online banks—and encrypts driver passwords to protect your data at rest.

99.9% SLA-Guaranteed Uptime. Redundant, fault tolerant and always on, our application environment is protected behind dedicated firewalls with restricted physical and data access control mechanisms.

Disaster Recovery in 30 Minutes or Less. Drivers' course assignments and scores are replicated to two geographically distinct data centers connected by high-capacity, fiber-optic link. So if one center fails, the data is still safe.

To learn how we'll secure your data and peace of mind, review our full Privacy Policy and Commitment HERE.