I need to be convinced that the vendor we choose to manage driver risk is reputable, experienced and offers an integrated 360˚ solution that is capable of reducing our exposure in a cost-effective manner.

How We Help

AlertDriving’s core competency is focused on identifying driver risk, mitigating the identified risk using localized content and then monitoring your drivers to ensure the intended results are achieved.  Our programs have generated ROI outcomes of 900%.



As the Global EH&S Manager, I’m accountable for the safety of our drivers. I’ve already taken conscious steps towards enhancing the safety of these employees and want a program that’s consistent across all markets, effective and easy to roll out.

How We Help

AlertDriving prides itself on being able to launch new programs quickly and cost efficiently. Care has been taken to ensure that the inclusion of local content meets the global standards we’ve established for each program. Our applications require almost no administration, as the system monitors and updates each driver’s profile automatically. The modules have been designed to be completed in less than 20 minutes, an important time-saving feature for clients that are switching from behind the wheel programs, where scheduling can be a real challenge.



I need to know that the vendor selected to implement driver safety training has experience with the size of fleet I manage. The program needs to be cost effective and convenient to manage with my limited resources.

How We Help

Many large customers chose to integrate AlertDriving’s training courseware into their Learning Management System (LMS). This is one of the best ways to streamline the program’s administration. The combination of Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), Collision Claims Data and Driver Training all in one platform means fewer vendors and less resource requirements.



From an IT perspective, I need to know that our data is secure and the solution is reliable 24/7/365. It’s important that a Software as a Service vendor has the technical knowledge and infrastructure required to properly implement and manage the project.

How We Help

At AlertDriving, we take security seriously. Data in transit is always protected using 256-bit SSL encryption, one level higher than most online financial institutions. Your user’s authentication credentials are encrypted to ensure that the same commitment to security applies when your data is at rest.

Our application environment is located in a highly secure network that is protected behind dedicated, industry-leading firewall devices with restricted physical and data access control mechanisms. Our two state-of-the-art, Toronto-based, data centers are compliant with ISO 27001, SAS70, and PCI security standards, and connect to each other via high-capacity, fiber-optic link, which optimizes data replication for our disaster recovery solution. This all results in a fully redundant, fault-tolerant, high availability environment – ultimately, it means peace of mind for you.



We need a supplier that understands the legal issues surrounding the risk posed by our employees that drive as part of their job. This includes the ability to assess and document the risk factors of each driver, and recommend an action plan to correct unacceptable driver behavior.

How We Help

The FleetDefenseSM platform developed by AlertDriving serves as a shield against third party claims. It will help protect your company against the growing trend towards more expensive Negligent Entrustment settlements. For instance, our driver risk management solution is an easy and effective way for you to:

• Eliminate a portion of your fleet’s risk by demonstrating you’ve fulfilled your fiduciary responsibilities.

• Reduce the accidents and personal injuries that give rise to a claim.

• Serve as a central repository containing all the pertinent driver information in the event of a claim.



Systems integration can be a challenging undertaking given the complexity of our network and Learning Management System.  It’s critical that the vendor we work with possesses the skill and experience to connect our systems effectively.

How We Help

AlertDriving’s Integrated Solutions team is dedicated to managing and implementing integration projects and has extensive expertise in this area.  We regularly work with all major LMS vendors such as SumTotal, SAP, Oracle and Plateau, and our courseware is compliant with the two leading e-learning integration standards, AICC and SCORM.

Finally, our solid technical foundation in technology allows us to be experts in platform-independent, highly secure, automated data feeds that minimize administrative resources and allow you to leverage your existing data in a more meaningful way.



I am responsible for authorizing the spending required for a new driver risk management program, so I need to understand what’s included in the offering to maximize the value of our investment.

How We Help

The value of AlertDriving’s unique program is easily recognized. From the beginning, we have rewarded clients that invest in our applications by delivering the results necessary to turn them into cost-positive initiatives. Clients routinely reduce collisions by 30% or more, which offsets the investment in the outer years. In addition, we offer incentives to clients based on volume, the length of term, and the number of applications they utilize with us. We also offer a special 2 for 1 bonus to clients that wish to include a family member in their driver risk management program. No other vendor offers as much flexibility as we do.



As the corporate training manager, I have to pinpoint where and how driver training fits within our e-learning system. It is critical that the vendor meets the SCORM / AICC standards.  All our people are busy and they don’t think they need driver training. This means we need to deploy training content that is relevant, compelling, concise, and easy to use. Otherwise, we are wasting our limited financial resources and our driver’s time.

How We Help

Our programs meet both the AICC and SCORM standards and will seamlessly integrate with your company’s LMS. AlertDriving is the only provider that uses real-life, full-motion video that is shot by our multi-media team in each country. Most competitors use computer generated animation, but our experience indicates adults respond better to the real thing versus cartoon-like solutions.



I am not usually involved in the vendor selection process, which means I often do not understand the objectives of the program. But, I am expected to use the program on a daily basis, so it has to be intuitive. Typically, support for these types of programs is either non-existent or it is only available for a separate, expensive fee. If I cannot figure out how to use a program, I tend not to use it.

How We Help

Even though AlertDriving solutions are very user-friendly, we assign a dedicated client service specialist to each customer. This person is the primary resource responsible for training and providing ongoing support to the client’s administrator(s). Our client service specialist will answer your questions and show you how to launch the program, monitor its progress and run reports.


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