In 1998, AlertDriving created the world’s first, web-based driver training program using full-motion video with proprietary technology. The objective was simple. We wanted to provide broad-based access to high-quality, lower-cost, driver training as an alternative to behind the wheel training. Today, our driver training is part of our FleetDefenseSM solution, which has become the industry standard that other global driver risk management solutions are measured against.

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In 2002, AlertDriving devised a strategy to offer the company’s solutions internationally. The initial round of expansion in 2003 and 2004, included 7 countries in Europe and the UK (Germany, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Belgium and England). Further expansion in 2005 and 2006 saw the addition of more European countries and AlertDriving’s first foray into Asia. This was followed by expansion into The Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Oceania, South America, Russia and Scandinavia over the next four years.   During this time, AlertDriving clearly established itself as the leading global provider of web-based, driver risk management solutions with a presence in over 72 countries.

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In 2003, AlertDriving realized there was an opportunity to help clients reduce a portion of their driver risk by turning their existing written vehicle policy into an online training module. Up until this time, organizations typically required drivers to ‘sign-off’ on the vehicle policy to officially indicate that they had read and understood it. However, the courts have demonstrated that companies have a greater responsibility to ensure drivers fully understand what is expected of them. Today, the vast majority of AlertDriving’s clients implement our web-based policy testing program.

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In 2004, the initial prototype of a North American version of AlertDriving’s Hazard Perception Evaluation program was created. The objective of our research and development was to build a cutting-edge predictive tool that harnessed the power of the Internet. We wanted to find a way to evaluate a driver online in each one of AlertDriving’s six safe driving core competencies. This would allow us to accurately assign an appropriate risk rating to the driver. A state-of-the-art high definition version of AlertDriving’s Hazard Perception Evaluation is available in 55 countries and 70 languages earning it flagship status in our FleetDefenseSM driver risk management arsenal.

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AlertDriving actively monitors the evolving data privacy landscape and develops industry-leading solutions to ensure your information is highly protected. We've strategically located our data centers to comply with the most stringent cross-border data privacy and transfer laws, including the EU Data Protection Directive. Our comprehensive data privacy policies and annual third-party security assessments are evidence of our commitment to data protection and the reason why many large, global organizations have entrusted AlertDriving with their employee's personal data.

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In 2007, we identified the need to offer clients the option of integrating our driver risk management solution directly into their existing Learning Management System. Since then, AlertDriving has successfully completed full-scale integration projects involving hundreds of thousands of drivers. The volume of work in this area is so significant that we have an entire team dedicated to doing nothing but systems integration projects.

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In 2009, AlertDriving developed “Green” driver-training modules that were aimed at showing drivers how to lower their vehicle’s harmful CO2 emissions and reduce fuel spending. Since then the program has been expanded in line with our existing global footprint.

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In 2011, AlertDriving developed and launched Mobile Defensive Driver Training, proving again why we lead the driver risk management industry in innovation. With mobile browsing becoming increasingly popular, we recognized that our clients would be better served with training options that went beyond the desktop computer. Now trainees can simply log on to our website from an Android, Apple or Blackberry device, and the AlertDriving cloud delivers optimized content tailored for that device. No app download is required. Our mobile platform fully integrates with all major Learning Management Systems, so trainees can access training anytime, anywhere.

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